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Explain the basics of “Elden Ring” battles, the points of normal attacks and evasive / defensive actions that you should know in order to survive in the gaps!

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 In this work, which is about to be released, encounters with many enemies await in the “land between the spaces” full of surprises and excitement. Therefore, this time, I will explain the basics of battle that are essential for surviving in a harsh world.

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Normal attack with a weapon

The basic attack is with a weapon. In addition to normal attacks using weapons equipped on the right hand and weapons equipped on the left hand, strong attacks with right hand weapons are possible. A strong attack changes to a tame attack by pressing and holding the button. Both are a little slower than normal attacks, but they are more powerful.

If you equip your right and left hands with the same type of weapon, such as a curved sword and a curved sword, you can make a two-sword attack. If you switch to two-handed, some weapons will increase the power of the attack, and the value of muscle strength required for performance will also decrease, but you can not use the weapon or shield equipped in the other hand.

 Posture is an important factor in an attack. Enemies who are out of shape become vulnerable, giving them a chance to do damage. Since breaking the enemy’s posture is one of the basics of battle, you should get used to the operations such as tame attacks, jump attacks, and guard counters that are easy to lose your posture.

 A riding attack that straddles a ghost horse also makes a difference in turning around. Enemies on board can be dropped by a fall attack or a jump attack, but be aware that if you drop them, you will have a big chance.


You can avoid enemy attacks by rolling in any direction and backstepping to move backward instantly. Evasion consumes stamina, but backsteps consume less. As the equipment weight approaches the upper limit, the performance will decrease, so if you feel that the avoidance movement is slow, check the equipment weight.

Guard and guard counter

You can use the shield on your left hand or the weapons you have with both hands to guard against enemy attacks. In particular, the shield guard is very effective. However, if you guard the attack, you will consume stamina, and if you run out of stamina, you will lose your posture.If you lose your posture, you will be seriously damaged, so it’s a good idea to change your posture by avoiding it before your stamina runs out, aiming at the guard counter, and so on.

If you shoot a strong attack immediately after guarding the enemy’s attack, it becomes a guard counter attack. The guard counter is easy to get rid of the enemy’s posture, and it is also an advantage that it is easy to handle because it is possible to aim for a deadly blow as it is or connect it to the next attack. Since the success or failure of the guard counter often determines the outcome, it is essential to learn the activation timing.

Deadly blow

If you get close to an enemy who is behind you or an enemy who is out of shape, you can create a “fatal blow” that causes great damage. In particular, at bases where enemies are wandering in groups, crouch down to the back without being noticed, close the distance aiming at the time when the group is scattered, etc. The tactics to do are effective. However, some enemies, such as some bosses, do not work.


 If you crouch and move, it will be difficult for the enemy to find you. The effect is stronger in the grass, so if you want to move so that the enemy does not find it, or if you want to close the distance to the enemy without being noticed, first check if there is grass around.

 Even in ruins and dungeons with intricate structures, the range of tactics can be expanded by crouching out of the enemy’s sight. It is one of the strategies to move forward while hiding to avoid the battle.

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