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“Apex” 3rd Anniversary Collection Event will be held from February 16th. Braha’s evolution skin “Prestige skin”, “Unit set” that collects popular skins and much more!

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From February 16th to March 2nd, 2022, an anniversary collection event will be held at Electronic Arts’ battle royale FPS ” Apex Legends ” to commemorate the 3rd anniversary.

This work is very exciting in the new season “Defiance” which started on February 9th. From February 16th, an anniversary collection event will be held to commemorate the 3rd anniversary.

At the 2nd Anniversary event held last year, we got red-based legendary skins, Nessie, and badges with Mozambique. Also, by unlocking all the items in the collection event, you can get a shard that can be exchanged for one of your favorite Super Legends (Sparegger).

 At this 3rd anniversary event, new “unit sets”, reward trucks, and “prestige skins” that change into 3 versions will appear.

“Apex Legends” 3rd Anniversary Event Details

Reward truck

This anniversary reward track will feature 12 types of decorative items that incorporate the opinions of the community, as well as 24 types of limited-time event items.

Bloodhound’s changing skin “Prestige Skin” is now available

 A new and rare decorative item “Prestige Skin”. There are 3 tiers in each skin, and by unlocking the Prestige skin of Tier 1 and clearing the challenge, you can unlock Tier 2 and Tier 3 at no additional cost.

There is no time limit for the challenge, so let’s evolve it slowly.

“Unit set” that collects popular legendary skins

 Introducing a unit set with the theme of popular legendary skins that appeared in the past, such as Crypto’s “HYPEBEAST” and Caustic’s “Black Heart”.

All of them look very cool, so be sure to get your favorite Legend skin!

Event store

 Various special offers will appear in the store throughout the collection event.

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