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Interview with the developer of “Rainbow Six Extraction”. “Whether to proceed or not, the fun of decision making for the player”

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Co-op shooter ” Rainbow Six Extraction ” (hereinafter, ” Extraction “) for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, PC scheduled to be released on January 20, 2022 from Ubisoft .

This work is a PvE type FPS that is played by one to three squats. Operators of the company’s tactical shooter ” Rainbow Six Siege ” (hereinafter ” Siege

――What is the point that you two were particular about in this work?

The stage and maps of the Marc game are important, but the focus is on strategy and risk rewards. How far the players are willing to explore as a team. We have to think about various things, such as whether to proceed as it is, to stop taking risks, to take risks, and to put the operator at risk in vain. As the name “extraction” implies, these decisions make the game interesting.

Amélie In this game, there are many things you can discover while invading and exploring with your teammates. Gather information and deliver samples to colleagues such as THERMITE, MIRA, and ASH. THERMITE and others support players,operators, and develop gadgets to counter the threat of Archien. The risks are high, but exploring, discovering and bringing back things will be of great help for the tougher battles in the future.A gun alone is not enough” is a common phrase. Exploring and taking the time to make the right decisions is more valuable than hitting a single bullet.A gun alone is not enough” is a common phrase. Exploring and taking the time to make the right decisions is more valuable than hitting a single bullet.Everything has been devised, including the Marc map and the overall atmosphere. It slows players down so they can spend time exploring and discovering enemies hidden in hard-to-find areas. The core of this game is “risk”. If there is no risk, tension will not be created. If you do not carry out the operation properly, you will lose the operator. It is important to take the time, observe closely, and act as efficiently as possible as a team. If you don’t, you will pay a big price.

On the Amélie art side, lighting that guides the player’s path was important. The bright yellow area is a safe place for the operator. If you see a yellow light, you know it’s safe and this will reduce your tension. Even if you have a lot of enemies and feel stress, if you can see the yellow light, you will think that you can go there. It is also a place where you can relax and look back on your journey even in tough situations.

–Did you have any difficulties with level design or enemy art?

“) will also appear in this work, and operate them to achieve various goals in the “subzone” where the extraterrestrial life form “Archien” is widespread. I will aim.

We asked the developers of this game about their particular points, their unique gameplay, and the challenges they put into this game. was hard to create the Amélie enemy Archien. It has a dangerous and eerie atmosphere, and although it is mysterious, it is not horror, but it also gives fear and at the same time captivates people. A mysterious appearance that I have seen somewhere. Players may want to stay there and take a closer look, but at the risk of being attacked. It was fun to imagine that players might want to see the details of our creations …Marc The hardest part was finding a balance between difficulty, tension and strategy. We want players to have a sense of stealth, but they give up if they have too many obstacles. Instead, we have to find a spot to offer the right challenge to the last minute. It took a long time to find this sweet spot, and we are still making fine adjustments. I am looking forward to seeing what kind of impression the player will actually play and how it will evolve from there.

――What kind of difficulty adjustment did you actually make?

Marc Each map has four difficulty levels to choose from. At the above difficulty levels, the more resources you go, the less resources you have, the stronger your enemies will be, and the harder your exploration will be. In PvP (competition) environments like Siege, players are looking for the most difficult and best experience. Therefore, we introduced a weekly challenge high difficulty mode called “Maelstrom Protocol” in this work. Nine submaps follow in this mode. This is very difficult because there are usually three. If you can reach the end, your ranking will go up and you will get a special reward. But it’s really difficult! Those who clear will be able to accept the right to brag unconditionally.

――How did the development team balance the gameplay and graphics, whether they were more realistic, science fiction, or more fantasy?

When thinking about REACT, the organization to which the Amélie operator belongs, it was important to make it firmly grounded. It’s not science fiction, it’s real science. Objects like gadgets all really work. I considered it many times when designing and talked with the concept artist. Think about how to incorporate what was created in the real world and make it work in the game. When players see these gadgets, they should know that they are based on mechanics and work well.

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