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[FF14] “Akatsuki no Finale” 6.05 patch notes released. Manmaden Pandemonium Type-0, Treasure Vault Exciteron, Job Action Adjustments, etc.!

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In this patch, a new treasure hunt dungeon “Treasure Vault Exciteron” has been added. When you complete the Treasure Map G14, you can rush in from the rare “Transfer Magic Crest”. Among the items that can be acquired inside, there is also a new minion following the Golden Beaver …?

 Furnishings based on the entries from the furnishing design contest are also available. The lineup of furniture is full of individuality, so if you like housing, this is a must-see!

 Adjustments will also be made to some job actions. Ninja has increased the power of Tsukikage Raijū Claw and adjusted the additional effect time of various actions, Samurai has increased range such as Higanbana and Yuzukihana, and Dancer has changed the category of each finish and Tirana from ability to weapon skill. Other adjustments will be made, so check the patch notes for details.

 And a new raid dungeon “Manmaden Pandemonium Type-0: Limbo Edition” has been added. It will be more difficult than normal, so let’s challenge it with all your heart. The 1st layer can be rushed with IL570, the 2nd layer with IL575, and the 3rd and 4th layers with IL580.

 In addition, new items, production recipes, mounts, etc. will be added, so check the patch notes for details!

Treasure Hunt Dungeon “Treasure Vault Excite Ron”

Furnishings, etc. ba

Furnishings, etc. based on the works submitted to the design contest

Raid Dungeon “Manmaden Pandemonium Type-0: Limbo Edition”

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