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“Dying Light 2” information summary. Introducing the latest game system and reviews of Zombie Survival Action where you can enjoy exhilarating parkour

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this work is a zombie survival action game developed by Polish game development company Techland. It features a free action using the action “parkour” that advances while overcoming obstacles.

In this article, we will deliver information on this work, which has been powered up from the previous work in terms of graphics, system, story, and all parts.

What is “Dying Light 2 Stay Human”?

The main character Aiden searches for his sister in “City”

 Due to the influence of the virus “THV” that spread from the city “Haran” that was the stage of the previous work, the world has become a world of death where a large number of infected people such as zombies roam.

 It’s been about 20 years since then. Mankind has not yet been able to overcome the virus.

Mankind gathered together in several cities and lived together. “City”, which is the stage of this work, is one of them. The protagonist, Aiden, will explore the city for clues to reunite with his surviving sister, Mia.Citi is no exception, and there are a large number of infected people. Defeat infected people and hostile humans and seek out your sister.

Parkour action with outstanding exhilaration

Even in places that are difficult for ordinary people to reach, such as on high walls and roofs, Aiden can use parkour action to move forward.Basically, you can proceed according to the player’s wishes, such as going along the roof or jumping from a certain height. Enjoy exhilarating movement action that you can’t get in other games. Moving on a relatively safe roof is also important in the capture, as there are vicious infected people roaming on the ground.

Train Aiden with two elements: weapons and armor!

 In the world of this work, culture and technology are steadily declining due to the influence of viruses. Therefore, there are not many firearms, and primitive weapons such as blades and blunt weapons are mainly used.

Weapons have durability and will eventually break. Weapons can be picked up in the city or purchased at stores, so don’t stick to one weapon too much.In addition, armor has appeared as a new element from this work. It can be attached to 5 parts in all, and can increase the defense power and give an additional effect to strengthen Aiden. You can also get this armor by picking it up or buying it at a store. Since the performance of armor is randomly determined, no armor with the same name has the same effect. One of the pleasures of this work is to repeat the search to find the strongest armor.

A story that branches according to the player’s choice

There are people of various powers in the city, and they are working for their own purposes. In it, Aiden will explore the city while engaging with two forces, the “survivor” and the “peacekeeper.”As the game progresses, players may be forced to make significant choices. At that time, the story and the ending will change greatly depending on whether you are on the side of the survivor or the peacekeeper.

Depending on the player’s choice, the city’s power map will change dramatically. This work has a considerable volume of one play, but you can enjoy fresh play twice or three times by changing the options for each play.

Day and night changes

 The concept of day and night existed in the previous work, but in this work, this day and night system is further enhanced. Infected people and viruses in the city are characterized by being vulnerable to UV light, and many infected people sleep hiding in buildings during the day. Then, at night, he wakes up and begins to wander around the city.

Some infected people are outside during the day, but their movements are sluggish and it is easy to avoid attacks. On the contrary, at night, infected people become active, which, combined with the large number of infected people, makes it dangerous to move.

Furthermore, as a system unique to this work, there is a system called “immunity”. Aiden himself is infected with the virus, and if he is not exposed to ultraviolet rays, he will eventually become a zombie. There is no problem if it is exposed to the sun, but in places where sunlight does not reach, such as inside a building or at night, a gauge showing immunity appears at the top of the screen. If you don’t get UV rays again before this gauge reaches zero, the game will be over on the spot.

 Coupled with the habits of infected people introduced above, traveling inside the building and at night is very thrilling. However, if you act at night, you will also get the benefit of doubling your experience points. Do you take risks or take stability? It’s up to the player.

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