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[Doomsday: Last Survivor] Defend humanity from zombies! The definitive zombie strategy game! !

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A real-time strategy game set in a zombie-infested world. Save humanity from zombies while cooperating with players around the world! ! There is no doubt that it will be interesting to play with a mix of online battles and real strategies.

There are many overseas users, and English is flying around, but it’s also equipped with a translation function, so it’s all right! ! No problem playing! !

Strategy has an image that the design and graphics are not very good, but this work looks very good overall. It will be one of the best zombie games out there! !

The earth is a world overrun with zombies who have the momentum to exterminate humanity. The player becomes an inferior human and challenges the battle for survival on a desolate earth. Create a base with survivors and fight for the survival of humanity. Just like in the real world, we will secure lifelines such as food and water, and live while building shelters.

In addition to fighting zombies, there are many other game elements. For example, adventure search elements, survival elements, action game elements, crafting elements, etc., etc., and it is a lot of content that can be enjoyed in one application.The battle progresses in real time. Freely organize and arrange characters and weapons to protect your shelter from enemies. It’s a simple operation, but the timing of the deadly skill is important, and this is the key to victory. It’s a very strategic game where judgment and pre-organization are important.

Focus on enriching your realm in the early stages. At first, your base shelter is protected by a defensive wall that protects you from other players’ attacks! The point is to build up your strength and become stronger during this safe time! ! There are a lot of things to do, such as increasing production bases and troops, but I’m good at guiding the game, so I can do it quickly! !

As the story progresses, there is also a dungeon search mode. The battle to organize and challenge your friends is sweaty.

I can enjoy it as an individual, and it’s also fun to cooperate with everyone in the world! It might be the funniest zombie game ever!

A story drawn with beautiful graphics

The graphics will definitely satisfy even those who like zombies! The blood of super-realistic zombies splattering during battle, and realistic animal zombies that have turned into zombies suddenly attack. Zombies are real and there are quite grotesque expressions and descriptions. Sometimes it’s so real that it can make your heart skip a beat! !

The surrounding scenery is also very particular, and the buildings are in tatters, the cars are rusty, and the town is in a good condition.

The graphics in the main tower defense arc are a bit lacking, but don’t worry, as you progress further, beautiful graphics will appear! !

The character voices also speak in English, so it feels like you’re watching a Western movie.

This beautiful graphic greatly improves the atmosphere of this game and makes you feel quite uplifted.

All the characters drawn with beautiful graphics that feel the near future are full of individuality. Since I can know the background of each character, I sometimes think deeply about their appearance and why they have this personality, and I empathize with them.

There are many foreigners because of the Western-style design, but there are characters with a Japanese spirit, such as Japanese women and sumo wrestlers. The character layer is very thick.

Also, the character design is crazy and unique. For example, there’s a sniper with a bear’s head on his back, but he’s not a big, strong man… he’s an old lady. He wears a machine gun on his arm, but he’s a pianist… Why? How did this happen?! ! It might be fun just to look at the character like that.

Each character has different characteristics, and the tree training method can also be trained with emphasis on each specialization. Make good use of your deadly skills and defeat the zombie army with a wealth of strategies.

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